We are a Bible based non-denominational church that is family oriented, involved in the community, and dedicated to loving one another. We are also affiliated with Church of God Ministries, Anderson, IN. We invite you to browse our site, send us your prayer request, and stop by and visit one of our services.

In August of 1948, Rev. George W. Burns re­ceived a letter from Sis. Rose Williams stating that there was a need for a colored church in Baton Rouge. In response to that letter, prayer meetings were started at Sis. Pearl Davis’ home on Staring Lane with a group that accompa­nied Rev. Burns from New Orleans. A Sunday School was started and one acre of ground was donated by Sis. Davis’ husband. The Evange­listic Committee of the white assembly, along with College Hill Church of God, and the black assembly pooled their funds and be­gan work on the first church building in 1949. Rev. Burns, Bro. Tackett, Bro. Charles Wilson and others came to assist with the building. The first trustees were Sis. Rose Williams, Rev. George W. Burns, and Sis. Leteff. Bro. Charles I. Wilson III was the first pastor from 1949-1952. Bro. Wilson recruited children and brought them in his truck, including children from Blundon Home. Blundon Home’s chil­dren continued to be a part of Faith Chapel’s ministry until the mid-sixties. Rev. Olita Fon­tenot was the interim pastor for a short while. Sis. Rose and Bro. Bill Williams pastored for 15 years. Sis. Rose Williams was a white wom­an who was harassed by the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizen’s Council. But God’s protec­tion was around her and the work continued to grow. The church outgrew its facilities and plans were made for a larger building. Faith Chapel only borrowed $12,000 from the Board of Church Extension and Home Missions to erect the new facility in 1968. Sis. Rosella Williams and Wilhelmina Haney were interim pastors for three years due to an accident suf­fered by Rev. Rose Williams which prevented her from serving further as the pastor. In 1974, Bro. JD Brown became the pastor. In 1977, the mortgage was paid off for the sanctuary and in 1983 the Educational Building was erected. The ministries of Faith Chapel include a dy­namic Vacation Bible School, Children’s Pro­gram on Saturdays, and a prison ministry includ­ing ministering to prisoners’ families and to ex-convicts, Sunday School, and ministering to the aged.

During Pastor J. D. Brown’s thirty-five (35 year) of pastorate, Faith Chapel flourished. Five ministers were ordained (Deidra Johnson, Lynette Fontenot, Rica Kwentua, Barbara Williams, and Eric Johnson) and Pastor Brown encouraged, supported and mentored the development of a number of young preachers to include Ryan Fontenot. He coordinated the prison ministry for nearly 30 year and mentored others to continue the work upon his passing. Pastor Brown partnered with Pastor Azuoru to establish the Christ the King congregation in Baton Rouge, a largely African congregation. Lastly, Pastor Brown encouraged the congregational support of the South African mission project at Kokona Dikgale Primary School that continues to this day. Rev. Rosella Williams served as Assistant Pastor throughout Pastor Brown’s tenure. Upon Pastor Brown’s passing in August 2007, Rev(s). Eric and Deidra Johnson served as interim pastors. In November 2008, Rev. Eric Johnson was selected as Senior Pastor of Faith Chapel and served until April 5, 2010. On July 11, 2010, Faith Chapel appointed Rev. Barbara Williams as Interim Pastor until June 30, 2011. On July 1, 2011 Pastor Bartholomew M. Riggins was appointed as Faith Chapel Senior Pastor. Pastor Riggins is the present Senior Pastor for Faith Chapel Church of God.